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Play free online bowling Play free Tetris online!
Play totally free computer games on your pc and totally free game downloads. Alien Abduction - Hover your spaceship around the neighborhood and abduct people.  Drop them off at the mother ship while fighting off other aliens.  Play this very addictive free pc game.     PLAY GAME NOW ! Play Magic Balls and other totally free online computer games on your pc Magic Balls -  Launch colored balls with your cannon and hit similar colored balls to remove them.  Gets increasingly difficult as your skills increase.   One of the most addictive free games.     PLAY GAME NOW !
Canyon Glider - Run off the cliff and guide your glider through targets and  obstacles.  Use the up and down arrows to swoop and dive.  Complete the course and land on platform.   PLAY GAME NOW ! Bug on a wire - You are a bug!  Maneuver your way along the telephone wires and avoid getting eaten by birds.  Use your arrow keys to jump and move from wire to wire.  Fun free Game!     PLAY GAME NOW !
Stan Skates - Ride your skateboard through the streets of the city jumping obstacles like tires and fire hydrants.  Levels become increasingly difficult.  Fairly easy but fun!     PLAY GAME NOW ! Flashman - This is so close to the old school PacMan game, it is scary.  Fun to play and very addictive.  Gobble up points as the time flies by.  You will think you are back in the 80's!     PLAY GAME NOW !
Cannon Blast - Hobble the one-legged pirate around the deck of the ship and shoot off cannon to sink ships.  Use arrow keys to raise or lower the cannon, and spacebar to fire.    PLAY GAME NOW ! Crashdown - This game is similar to Collapse.  Click on 3 or more of the same colored squares to remove them.  The game gets more difficult as you progress through the levels.    PLAY GAME NOW !
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Park a lot 2 - You are the valet.  Your job is to park and retrieve  cars while remembering which cars belong to which drivers.  This free game takes a lot of skill and is fun as heck while learning.     PLAY GAME NOW ! Cyber Mice - You must guide the mice safely to their destination.  Drag and drop stuff to protect them from traps and danger.  Gets really difficult as the levels advance.  Very fun.     PLAY GAME NOW !
Play Master Solitaire and other totally free online computer games on your pc Solitaire - What games site would be complete without a  free computer solitaire game. If you like to play online solitaire, you'll enjoy this. Fun to play now as it has been for decades.    PLAY GAME NOW ! Paintball -  Use your mouse to aim your paintball gun to blast the smiley faces in the office.   You can fire at whatever you want, but hitting targets advances you to the next level.     PLAY GAME NOW  !
Mission Mars - Fly your saucer over the cities and blow them up.  Each bombing pass you get increasingly lower, so you need to be accurate to level the city and proceed to next level.    PLAY GAME NOW ! Tetris - The classic arcade game with a cult following that makes it one of the most popular online games ever. Use your arrow keys to guide, rotate, and stack the blocks. Fun and free!.     PLAY GAME NOW !
Starship 7 - Starship 7 is lost in space - and the way home is full of dangers. Your mission is to navigate your ship to the exit of each level. Fastest pilot gets the best score. This is one of the classic space arcade skill games. PLAY GAME NOW ! Play Egypt Hidden Object Games Egypt Hidden Objects - Find all the hidden objects in this Egyptian themed hidden object game. Scour the whole of Egypt for wonderful hidden treasures. Use the hint button carefully, you have only 3 hints per game and 10 levels to play. PLAY GAME NOW !

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Stormfall: Age of War - (Multi-player) In the kingdom of Stormfall, the mpire has collapsed into a multitude of feuding Lords vying to claim the throne. Dark forces rally to destroy humanity. Raise your Castle and rally a mighty army to repel lord Balur. Conquer your rival Lords and lay claim to the throne of Stormfall!.    PLAY GAME NOW !

Sparta: War of Empires - (Multi-player) Real Time Strategy Game (MMORTS) in 5th century BC ancient Greece. Xerxes and his giant Persian Empire set their sights on conquering Greece, laying waste to the lands of Hellas. You must raise a powerful army to free the lands of Greece once and for all.   PLAY GAME NOW !
Play Rural Racer and other totally free online computer games on your pc

Rural Racer - Use your arrow keys to steer your race car around the race track.  It's harder than it sounds, and tons of fun!  Play against your friends or the computer.  This free game is very addictive.    PLAY GAME NOW !

Starship 11 - Use your arrow keys to guide your spaceship around to gather energy and fuel.  Blast your way through obstacles and fly safely to reach your goal.  Very Fun!     PLAY GAME NOW !
Shanghai Mahjongg - The ancient mahjong solitaire game.  Clear the board of stones to get to the next level.  Remove the stones by clicking on matching pairs.  Fun to play... Hard to master.     PLAY GAME NOW ! Bunch - Create bunches of colored balls by swapping adjacent balls with each other.  Bigger bunches are worth more points.  I recommend you read the games tutorial for tips and tricks.     PLAY GAME NOW !
Sheepish - This free game similar to the old school game "Frogger".   In this version, you use the arrow keys to help the sheep across the freeway and put them in their pens.  You will like this version.     PLAY GAME NOW ! Topsy Turvy - Bust as many balls as possible in each 60 second round by clicking on clusters of 3 0r more of the same color.  Just when you think you have it down, the board rotates.     PLAY GAME NOW !
Smashing-  This cool game is like Pong, Breakout, and Space Invaders all wrapped up into one.  Use your mouse to guide the paddle and hit the ball at the targets.  Takes lots of practice.     PLAY GAME NOW ! Trapshoot - Billy Bob invites you to do some redneck shootin'.  Choose your player, then choose your target... clay pigeons, beer cans, or yes... chickens.  Tons of fun!     PLAY GAME NOW !
Gravity Arcade - Almost as fun as the best online casino.  Factor in variable gravity levels.  It will drive you crazy trying to figure out a strategy.   2 players.      PLAY GAME NOW ! Teamball - Try to shoot and capture as many balls as you can before your opponent.  Older ball are worth more points.  Shoot more balls at once to get extra bonus.  2 players.     PLAY GAME NOW !
MiniPutt 3 - This is one of the coolest free miniature golf games for the computer.  Play the 18 hole course on your pc.  Avoid obstacles like sand traps and water hazards.  Totally cool.     PLAY GAME NOW !

Play Home Run Rally and other totally free online computer games on your pc

Home Run Rally - This free pc game is hard but fun!  The pitcher throws rapid-fire pitches that you use your mouse to hit.  Hit as many home runs as possible.  Very addictive.  PLAY GAME NOW !

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